Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Fall Shows: 2016 Part 2

Well, here we are back with part 2 of the reviews of new fall shows. We’ll see if any of them are good or bad. I might have to always split reviews of new shows into different parts now, although I’m honestly not entirely sure what will happen with that in the future. We’ll see.

There was something that I can’t believe I forgot to mention in part 1 of these reviews: what CBS shows replaced what other CBS shows. I know that is a weird thing to keep track of, but I might as well mention what replaced what from part 1. I just hope that I can remember to mention these things for part 2. Anyways, Kevin Can Wait replaced half of Supergirl, which moved to the CW, and the last season of Mike and Molly (also true of the other show that replaced the other half of Supergirl). MacGyver replaced The Amazing Race, only that show will return some time during midseason. Bull replaced Limitless and Person of Interest. Now to part 2 of the reviews:

Conviction: Show Description- This show is about people who work for the Conviction Integrity Unit, a place that works to make sure that people were not wrongly convicted. Behind the Scenes- Hayley Atwell, who was the star of Agent Carter, is a character on this show. Eddie Cahill, who was on CSI: New York, is another character on the show. My Thoughts- There is a time limit to doing the case that seems arbitrary. There are some flaws with the characters that don’t help the show. It isn’t a courtroom drama like some might want it to be. Despite that, the show is pretty interesting and good. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- The future of this show does not actually look that good so don’t expect it to last too long. Where to Find- On ABC at 10/9 Central on Mondays

Frequency: Show Description- A woman is somehow able to use a ham radio to talk to her father twenty years in the past. It replaces America’s Next Top Model (which is now on cable, or will be, at least) and The 100 (although that show will return). Behind the Scenes- This is a remake of a movie of the same name. My Thoughts- This show is pretty good on the consequences of changing time and stuff like that. I’m not sure if there is much bad about it just yet. I give it five out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- I’d put it at a toss-up for now. Where to Find- On the CW at 9/8 Central on Wednesdays

No Tomorrow: Show Description- It’s hard to tell for sure what it is about. It seems to be about a woman who is being taught how to live by a person who thinks that the world is ending. But there is more to it than that. It replaces iZombie (for now, but that show will return) and Containment. Behind the Scenes- Like possibly everything on the CW, this is based on something else, in this case, a Brazilian TV series. My Thoughts- While it did have some interesting qualities, I didn’t like it enough. It seems that the characters are too flawed to like. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- While it will probably last a bit given the wimpyness of the network it’s on to offend what little fans they have, I doubt that it lasts too long. Where to Find- On the CW at 9/8 Central on Tuesdays

Pure Genius: Show Description- Based off of a true story, this show is about a genius who wants to help people with his hospital that he created. It replaces both CSI: Cyber and Rush Hour. Behind the Scenes- Dermot Mulroney, who was in Crisis, is a character on this show. Brenda Song, who was in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as well as Dads, is another character on the show. My Thoughts- I’ll admit, it probably falls to the same old format that most medical dramas fall into. But, I still feel that the show is good and interesting. I give it three out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This will probably not last. Where to Find- On CBS at 10/9 Central on Thursdays

Timeless: Show Description- A team of three people chase after a team of bad guys, both with different time machines. Behind the Scenes- This is at least the fourth show I know of that has aired after The Voice, which is a lead-in most shows would want. My Thoughts- The show seems interesting, although it also seems confusing as well. I guess that I’ll have to see more of it to know for sure, but I like it enough for now to keep watching. I give it four out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This is likely to last for a while as long as it airs after The Voice. Where to Find- On NBC at 10/9 Central on Mondays

Man with a Plan: Show Description- A man’s wife goes back to work leaving him to take over more as a househusband. On CBS, this replaces half of Supergirl. Behind the Scenes- Matt LeBlanc, who was in Friends, is the main character on this show. My Thoughts- This show was overall dull and pointless. There wasn’t too it in terms of quality. At least it isn’t too bad, but I don’t think that I will watch it again since there wasn’t much to it. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- This show might last a while, for now at least. Where to Find- On CBS at 8:30/7:30 Central on Mondays

The Great Indoors: Show Description- An outdoorsy person has to get used to a new job inside. This show replaces half of The Good Wife (the other half of The Good Wife being replaced by the returning Life in Pieces). Behind the Scenes- Joel McHale, who was in Community, is the lead of this show. My Thoughts- While it wasn't too bad, I didn't like it. For one, this loses points for attacking my generation. The cast seems to be too young and doesn’t exactly work that well. The show is not that good. Maybe there are some good things about it, but they are hard to find that easily. I give it two out of five stars. Long Term Prospects- Since it airs after The Big Bang Theory, it will last for a while. Don’t expect it to end just yet. Where to Find- On CBS at 8:30/7:30 Central on Thursdays

New fall shows: American Housewife, Conviction, Designated Survivor, Notorious, Speechless, Bull, The Great Indoors, Kevin Can Wait, MacGyver, Man with a Plan, Pure Genius, Frequency, No Tomorrow, The Exorcist, Lethal Weapon, Pitch, Son of Zorn, The Good Place, Timeless, and This is Us.

Those shows I’m reviewing: Conviction, The Good Place, Notorious, Designated Survivor, Frequency, No Tomorrow, Kevin Can Wait, Man with a Plan, The Great Indoors, Bull, MacGyver, Pure Genius, Timeless, and Son of Zorn.

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