Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Christmas Commercials 2013

Finally, at long last, you get to see the number of Christmas commercials that aired last year before the official start of the Christmas season. For the first time, there were commercials in September. Even this late in January, there are still Christmas commercials (at least they aren't for later this year). The number has skyrocketed to an all time high. I've never seen a number like this before. And yet, it  might not be the highest it will ever be. Hopefully, the over counting I did makes up for the under counting that I also did. I have a bunch of crazy rules regarding Christmas commercials too. Some don't count and some count as many times as you see them air, even though their the same commercial. Regardless, I will include the information from last year as a comparison. Prepare to be shocked by the vast number of times they want to shove Christmas in your face before Thanksgiving is over. And they had to start these commercials as soon as they were done with back to school commercials (and back to school already happened for many people).

In 2012 the official count of Christmas commercials before October was 0. The official count before Halloween was 27. The official number of commercials before the official Christmas season started on the Sunday after Thanksgiving is 200.

I realize that last year’s number may have been a bit off since there were some I forgot to report on. And this isn’t my second year counting the number of Christmas commercials but the number of the years before was lost. I became the only member of the facebook group where I kept track of that sort of thing. But since facebook decided to remove all the members because of their new format at the time which is probably outdated now, I deleted the group that since I was the only one left and I didn’t want to have a group that isn’t used for most of the year anyways. Hopefully, it never would have been used for most of the year, even though I have still seen Christmas commercials airing in January. Also, I don’t know if December 1st or the first Sunday after Thanksgiving is typically the start of Christmas season, but I’m going with whatever comes first. This year, it just happens to be at the same time. I don’t know if December 1st ever appears sooner or not.

I think that it was around 90-99 the first year I counted, 123 the second year, and 246 the next two years. Then it dropped to the 200 that I reported from last year. In 2013, the first Christmas commercial aired on September 9 when school hadn’t started for many people, the television season was still in its summer shows and the fall ones had yet to premiere, autumn hadn’t even started yet, and Christmas isn’t for another three months. Five commercials (the same one that many times) aired in September. The official count before Halloween was 30. The official count before the Sunday after Thanksgiving was 600. That's triple the number of times it was last year. I'll continue to post this list every year. I don't really care if people are interested in it or not. I'm just amazed at the vast number of Christmas commercials that air before the Christmas season begins.

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