Friday, July 19, 2013

Cancelled Shows and More

Sorry that this took so long to actually publish. I have included the cancelled shows in the 2012-2013 television season as well as the winner of the Silver Globe Awards and the nominees for the Golden Huckleberry Awards. I hope that you enjoy this.


Cancelled Shows this season


30 Rock: Noteworthiness- Tina Fey created the show based in part by her experiences on Saturday Night Live. Why I've seen it- Genuine interest in the show considering all the buzz it was getting. Description- I don't know how to describe it except a group of people who work on a show and the comedy that happens behind the scenes. Notable People- Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and Tracy Morgan, all known from Saturday Night Live and other works, all work on this show. Alec was never a cast member of SNL like Tina and Tracy, but he has hosted the show more than anyone else. Others might be present. Pros- An interesting comedy with recognizable people. Cons- Other good shows tend to be on at the same time. It can be hard to understand sometimes. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Cancellation Reasons: Decline ratings plus a late season start last season. The final season was shortened and it left the airwaves early. Grade: B+. Buy the DVDs if you can.


Made in Jersey: Description- A courtroom drama about a lawyer from New Jersey working in Manhattan. It was the first of the season to get cancelled. I never saw it. Cancellation Reasons- See CBS curse, an earlier blog post on more information about why it failed. Also, it had horribly low ratings and was on Friday nights. Grade: none


Emily Owens MD: Description- A quirky new CW show about a neurotic doctor that is a mixture of both comedy and drama. The main part of this show is that even though high school is over, it can continue in your new job. Why I've seen it- Interest in finding some sort of medical drama to watch as well as thinking that show might be good. Notable People- Mamie Gummer is the main character and the daughter of Meryl Streep. Pros- I think it is great for everyone who hates school. I also think that it has a great place on a network that normally goes under the radar. Cons- Sex comes up too much, as usual in primetime shows. Cancellation Reasons-It is too good and had low ratings. Grade: A+. I doubt that they'll release it to DVD, but if they do, you might like it. There's just a bit of a cliffhanger ending at the end you might be concerned about.


Last Resort: Noteworthiness- This is another attempt by ABC to not waste the set of Lost by using it for another show. The first was Off the Map. Description- This ABC drama is about treason and how it affects the country they were from and the country they turn to for help. Why I've seen it- Nothing else was on and I was interested in the show. Pros- This is a unique concept that doesn't typically happen on television. Cons- It was hard to tell what the overall plot was or where they were going with this. It seemed overall dull and a waste of time. It moves too slowly to make sense or gather a following. In fact, it seems like ABC only would have created this show so that the set from Lost wouldn't be wasted and they could do more shows with it. Cancellation Reasons- Low viewership among other things. Grade: D. Not sure if they are/have released the DVDs. Not sure if you should buy them anyways. It depends on if your views are the same as mine about it.


Partners: Description- If I understand this correctly, it has two roommates, once gay and one straight, as well as the people they are romantically involved with. Why I've seen it- Good lead-in. Notable People- It is by the creators of Will and Grace, which I've barely seen. Pros- This show is kind of interesting. It has its moments and isn't that bad. Cons- based on the episode I saw, it was very lame. I wouldn't give it that good a score. Cancellation Reasons- It was incredibly lame and nobody was interested in it. It actually lasted longer than it should have due to issues with the other planned comedy, Friend Me. Grade: C+. I do not think that you should buy it on DVD since it probably won't be released anyways.


Ben and Kate: Description- This show is about a brother and sister in a strange blended family. Why I've seen it- Good lead-in. Pros- Critics liked it. Cons- It seemed both poorly written and poorly acted. I don't even quite know what it is about. Cancellation Reasons- Nobody watched it and it wasn't very good. Grade: F. I doubt it will be released to DVD, but if it is, don't bother with it.


The Office: Description- A "documentary" team shows the adventures of people at an office. It is the American version of a British show. Why I've seen it- I wanted to see what all the buzz was about. Pros- A lot of people like this show. It is on the top TV shows list on The critics like it. Cons- I don't know why people like this show. It isn't funny like it's supposed to be. I don't laugh when I watch it. Recommendation- Skip this show. It isn't good. Cancellation Reasons: The main character left and the whole ratings were declining anyways. I guess that people finally had enough of this crap. Grade: D-. Don't buy the DVDs, unless you want to waste your well earned money. Similar Shows: Arrested Development, Modern Family, Parks and Recreation.


Futurama: Description- In this animated comedy, a man from the present is frozen a thousand years into the future and we see his and his friends' antics in the future. Why I've seen it- I honestly forget how I got into it the first time. I might have watched it because it was an animated FOX comedy and I'm typically into that sort of thing. Noteworthiness- It started life on FOX and was then cancelled. After a while, it got some straight to DVD movies before finally returning to television on Comedy Central. Every episode of it has a commentary on DVD, something no other show has. It has also had more series finales than any other show because of its uncertain future. Notable People- Matt Groening, a comic strip and comic book writer as well as the creator of The Simpsons is the creator of this show. Katey Segal from Married with Children, 8 Simple Rules, and Sons of Anarchy is one of the voice actors. Pros- It is quite funny and unique. It is one of the most quotable TV shows. A lot of people like this show. Cons- There is a lot of sex present in the show as usual. It is more of a cult show and thus not as interesting to those outside of the cult. Recommendation- I like and I think that everyone else should watch it. Cancellation Reasons- Low ratings, I guess. Also, a lot of people thought that the newer episodes were inferior to the old ones, which they weren't. Grade: A. If you can't buy the DVDs for yourself, you should still borrow them from a friend or brother to watch sometime. Similar Shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy.


The Jeff Probst Show: Description- Jeff Probst hosts a talk show full of human interest stories. Why I've seen it- Since I'm a big Survivor fan, I figured that I'd watch the same host from that show hosting this show. Notable People- Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor, is the host of this talk show, as is kind of obvious by the name of the show. Pros- He rarely does anything related to Survivor so it isn't obvious as to what will happen. He includes his audience members in his show sometimes and keeps things interesting by not always having the same format. The everyday person is included as well as the famous ones. Cons- Since there aren't always celebrities, it isn't always that interesting. Maybe he should have included more about Survivor on his show like post-boot interviews in order to keep things interesting for everyone. A lot of the show just seemed like filler that should have had more important stuff in it. Recommendation- I'd say that you should watch it if it fits in your schedule, but since it isn't on the schedule anymore, I can't quite say that now can I? Cancellation Reasons- Low ratings as well as an otherwise uninteresting format sometimes. Grade: B. Talk shows aren't released to DVD.


Smash: Why I've seen it- It sounded interesting and the critics (or critic where I live) love it. Plus, I was looking for a musical TV show since I'm otherwise uninterested in Glee. Noteworthiness- It is a musical drama, one of currently only two. Description- It is the behind the scenes look at the making of a Broadway play. Pros- This is a good idea and an alternative to Glee, if you need one. The songs are actually original. Cons- It is a rip-off of High School Musical (the movie), like Glee is. The morals are bad. Recommendation- I think that it is good enough to watch, but not important enough to watch all the time. Cancellation Reasons- Being a midseason replacement more than one didn't help it and NBC airing new episodes on Saturday was pretty much the nail in the coffin. Grade: B-. I don't know whether you should buy the DVDs or not. There is one at least. Similar Show: Glee.


Body of Proof: Description- A medical examiner helps solve murders with the help of others. Why I've seen it- Genuine interest in the show plus a gap in my viewing schedule. Notable People- Dana Delany from Desperate Housewives is in the show. Pros- You normally don't see this type of drama on television. It is different from the usual type of murder mystery show. Cons- It was probably a tad too dark and at times overdramatic. Recommendation- I like it and think that it was a good show to watch, although it has a lot of haters. Cancellation Reasons- The cast was changed in retooling. The ratings had been low for awhile, yet it kept avoiding cancellation. Plus there were all the haters that probably got in cancelled too. Grade: A-. If you aren't one of the haters, then you should buy the DVDs that exist.


Happy Endings: Description- I know what the original focus of the show was about, but I do not know what it is about now. People compare it to Friends which is the best way of saying what it is now. Notable People- Casey Wilson from Saturday Night Live is a cast member. So is Damon Wayans Jr. Why I've seen it- Good lead-in plus general interest in the show. Pros- Unlike most second halves of a comedy slot, this is something I don't mind watching. It can be quite entertaining. Cons- It is hard to tell what the show is about. It can be pretty weird. Recommendation- You might as well watch it unless something better is on. Cancellation Reasons- People stopped watching and the show got isolated by itself to Fridays. Grade: B+. I like it so maybe you should buy the DVDs. Similar Shows: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory.


CSI: New York: Noteworthiness- It is the third addition to the CSI franchise and the only one to not have a spin-off. It was a direct spin-off of CSI: Miami. Why I've seen it- Regularly watched CSI: Miami and decided to watch this as well. Description- A team of Crime Scene Investigators in New York City helps solve crimes. Pros- It is a different CSI if you don't like the other two. The cast from this show has changed the least. Cons- Like the other two, women aren't represented well in it. The plots can be dark. A lot of shows exist already like it. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Cancellation Reasons- With another CSI on CBS, it's likely that they'd keep at least it and not need this one anymore. The Friday night time slot didn't help. It didn't have a full season which is normally a death sentence for a show on this network. Also, it had low ratings. Grade: C. If you like crime dramas, then you should get the DVDs. Similar Shows: CSI, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist.


Vegas: Description- This is about a famous sheriff from Las Vegas. It is a historical drama with period crimes, outfits, and anything else. Why I've seen it- Personal promise to watch every new show on the CBS television network. Notable People- Cursed actor Jason O'Mara from various cancelled shows is on this show. So are other actors whose names I can't spell. Pros- Not the same as every other show. Cons- When I saw it, I didn't understand how it was the most watched new drama. Was CBS lying about its ratings like all networks typically do about every new show? (Think for the last time that you saw a new show that wasn't promoted as a hit. I don't think that they've EVER done this.) To me, it seemed dull. They could have easily made this a present day drama without having to have all the constant changes that they have to make in order to make it seem like the past. I was unimpressed. If I knew who these people were, then maybe I would like it. But I have no reason to tune into this in the future. Cancelation Reasons- I think I pretty much summed it up in the cons section. Plus, nobody really liked it. Grade: D. Don't buy the DVDs that probably won't be released.


Go On: Description- This NBC comedy is about a man played by Matthew Perry who joins a support group dealing with loss in life. Why I've seen it- I thought that it might be good. Notable People- Matthew Perry from Friends is the main character. There's a least one other person whose name I can't remember. Pros- It is actually quite humorous given its rather grim concept. I think that this show is good. Cons- It had typical inappropriate material that typically appears in every TV show. Cancellation Reasons- Low ratings are pretty much all I can think of. Grade: B+. If they do release it to DVD, you might like it. Then again, you might not because if people liked it, then it wouldn't have gotten cancelled.


Golden Boy: Description- A man seeks to become the youngest police commissioner in New York's history. This shows his quest to do it. Why I've seen it- I watch every CBS show if I can find the time to do it. Pros- It is pretty similar to every other crime drama, so you know what to expect. Cons- It is boring and generally uninteresting. Recommendation- Don't bother watching it. No one else has. It just seems dull. Cancellation Reasons- It was dead on arrival being a midseason replacement drama on CBS. If you can remember that last one that was a success on this network, let me know because I can't remember. Was it The Unit? Grade: C-. Don't buy the DVDs that might not be released.


Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23: Description- Advertised as the next odd couple, the show is about two women who are now roommates where one is a real, well, bitch. Why I've seen it- I don't remember why I watched it, but it was probably because nothing good was on. Pros- It got a well deserved cancellation. Cons- It aired on television. It is awfully immoral and pretty much stupid. It has a horrible title. Recommendation- I'd say not to watch it, but I have the feeling that you already took that advice. Cancellation Reasons- It should have had a better title and the time it premiered on the network makes it surprising that there was a second season. Grade: F. If there are DVDs, which I doubt, don't waste your money.


Up All Night: Description- The adventures of a married couple who recently became parents and their friends. Why I've seen it- I thought that it might be good and I had free time to watch it when it was on. Notable People- Will Arnet, the estranged husband of Amy Poehler, was on the show. Maya Rudolph, formerly from SNL was also on it. Christina Applegate, from various shows, was on it as well. Pros- It isn't your typical comedy. It can be quite humorous sometimes. Cons- There isn't much to the show. Recommendation- I like it and thought that it was pretty good. Cancellation Reasons- Due mostly to low ratings, the problems from there only got worse. A proposed retooling of the show was going to happen, but the episodes were never made because of problems like an actress walking off set, another one getting pregnant, and another actor was in a pilot. Grade: B-. I'm not sure if there are DVDs and I'm not sure if you should be them. Similar Show: Raising Hope.


The New Normal: Description- A woman volunteers to be a surrogate mother for a gay couple. Why I've seen it- I'm thinking that it had a good lead-in and nothing else was on. Notable People- Ryan Murphy helps do the show. Pros- Not many shows are like it. It helps makes gays look good. Cons- It is boring and otherwise uninteresting. It isn't that funny and doesn't seem that good. Recommendation- I wouldn't watch it, but you can't anymore anyways. Cancellation Reasons- Few people cared about it or the show on before it. Grade: D+. Don't buy DVDs.


How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life): Description- A recently divorced mother moves back in with her parents. Why I've seen it- I thought it might be good and I figured that nothing else was on. Noteworthiness- It just might be the TV show with the longest title ever. Notable People- Sarah Chalke from Scrubs and other shows is on the show. Brad Garrett, known mostly for being a voice actor as well as a cast member from Everybody Loves Raymond is also on the show. There might be more, but I don't know who they are. Pros- It has its moments of humor. Cons- Not much interesting happens in it. It is unrealistic. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Cancellation Reasons- The critics hated it and the viewers felt the same way as well. Grade: C. I doubt that they would release this, but if they do, I wouldn't buy it unless you were more impressed with it than I is.


Malibu Country: Description- A woman gets divorced due to a cheating husband and moves her family to Malibu. Why I've seen it- Nothing else was on at the time. Notable People- Reba Macintyre, a singer/actress, is the main character. Pros- It's a well used concept so you know what you are getting into. Cons- It is pretty much a rip-off of Reba, a much better version of this show. This doesn't seem any different or better. Recommendation- Toss-up. Cancellation Reasons- No one cared. Grade: B-. I'm not sure if you should buy DVDs that will probably not come out.


1600 Penn: Description- This is a comedy about the fictitious version of the first family, or president's family. Why I've seen it- Good lead-in at the time combined with free time. Notable People- Jenna Elfman, known mostly as Dharma from Dharma and Greg is the first lady. Pros- It is quite humorous sometimes. It is unique. Cons- It can be uninteresting. There's not much of a reason to stay into it all the time. Recommendation- I liked it. Cancellation Reasons- Not really the type of thing people wanted to watch, I guess. Grade: B-. I'd say buy the DVDs if you care.


Flashpoint: Description- The police strategic response unit (SRU) handles tense situations that normally involve hostages. Why I've seen it- It seemed interesting and other people I knew also liked it and wanted to watch it. It has become one of my favorite shows on television. Noteworthiness- It is actually a Canadian show that aired here first on CBS then on ION. Like most Canadian shows that air in the US, it was mostly shown during the summer. Notable People- Amy Jo Johnson, most well known as Kimberly from the original Power Rangers, was a cast member. Enrico Colantoni, from Just Shoot Me and various other shows, was also a cast member. He has a recurring role on Person of Interest, so we might be seeing more of him on that show since he won't be on this anymore. Pros- The drama is very intense and realistic. It is hard to stop watching once you've started with an episode. There is a recurring storyline, but not that much to deter new viewers from watching. Cons- Not all the endings are entirely happy. Recommendation- I think that you should watch it if you can. Cancellation Reasons- I can't say much about the Canadian ratings, but I know that CBS airing it on Fridays during the summer probably helped kill it here. But I guess that in Canada, the people behind the show just wanted to call it quits and move on to other interests in life. Grade: A+. Buy the DVDs if you have money.


Guys with Kids: Description- A bunch of male friends and their wives deal with being new parents. Why I've seen it- Good lead-in, recommendation by a friend, and free time. Notable People- Jimmy Fallon, known for his work on SNL and Late Night, helped create the show. Pros- It isn't on the air anymore. Cons- The show is very dumb and pointless. Recommendation- Don't watch it. Cancellation Reasons- Nobody did watch. Grade: D-. Don't buy DVDs.


The Job: Description- Different candidates compete for jobs with different companies. Why I've seen it- Nothing good was on. Pros- A show like this doesn't really exist. Cons- It is boring and doesn't really add anything to the television landscape. Recommendation- Don't watch it because it isn't good. Cancellation Reasons- Very low ratings combined with general lack of interest. Grade: F. There won't be DVDs so you can't buy them anyways.


Touch: Description- The links that connect those to others are explored quite beautifully in this wonderful show. Why I've seen it- It looked good and I was right. Notable People- Kiefer Sutherland, known as Jack Bauer on 24, is the lead in this show as well. Pros- It is remarkably well-done from the acting to the script. Guest stars are important character too. There's a storyline that keeps people interested in it. Cons- I'm not entirely sure if there's accuracy with the foreign language scenes. It is hard to find a general genre for this show. One wonders how realistic it is. Recommendation- It's a great show and I recommend that everyone watch it. It has become my favorite drama ever. Cancellation Reasons- The second season was noticeably different from the first and some might say of poorer quality. It was delayed until midseason and then aired on Fridays. I'm not sure that it was originally going to be in the schedule in the first place and television is never good to a last minute addition to it. It never really found its place on television and the network didn't like it that much. Grade: A+. Buy the DVDs if you can afford them or hope that someone else gives them to you.


Trust us with Your Life: Description- A team of improvisation actors use a celebrity to act out parts of their lives. Why I've seen it- I like this type of comedy and had time to watch it. Notable People- The celebrity guest is usually someone people have heard of. Jonathan Magum, the announcer on Let's Make a Deal was on the show. Wayne Brady, from many different shows was also on it. Fred Willard, known mostly to me as the father of Amy on Everybody Loves Raymond, was the host. There might have been other famous people that I'm forgetting. Pros- Like all comedies of this type, what the actors come up with at the topic of their head is very clever and funny. Cons- The show didn't last that long. Recommendation- I'd say watch it, but you can't. Unless, of course, you did when it was on. Cancellation Reasons- I'm not sure why this was cancelled. It could be because of little to no advertisements that it even existed during the summer. It could also have been to legal problems Fred Willard had at the time. Also, the low episode number that they ordered might have led to its demise. Grade: A. Similar show: Whose Line Is It Anyways?


Other cancelled shows


Do No Harm (I never saw it, but I heard that this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde show suffered from historically low ratings, even for NBC. It left the airwaves almost as soon as it got here).


Animal Practice (A show that probably had PETA going crazy was about an animal hospital. I don't know if anyone cared enough about it for it to be considered good or bad. I was never interested in it to watch it and I don't think that we are losing anything by its cancellation).


90210 (This was a remake of a famous FOX show, only it was on the CW instead of FOX. I don't know why it was made and I guess not enough people were interested to keep this from avoiding cancellation).


Gossip Girl (I never saw this, but the promos for it made it look like a dumb and slutty show of sorts. It was based off a book series and even tried to have a spin-off. The ratings must have decreased or something and thus the show was cancelled).


Cult (I've seen parts of this show that a local reviewer gave half a star to. I can't really understand what it was about and I'm guessing that nobody else did because they didn't watch it either. Basically, it wasn't worth anyone's time).


The Family Tools (The only thing notable about this show was Leah Remini, from The King of Queens and The Talk. I don't really understand what it was about since I never saw it, but it was pretty much dead on arrival. In fact, I don't understand why ABC keeps airing shows as late in their schedule since they normally always fail like that).


Zero Hour (I saw one episode of this show and had no idea what it was about. I really don't understand why it would have lasted since nothing about it made any sense).


Private Practice (I tired getting into it, but I saw it at the wrong time and promptly lost interest in it. It was a doctor show and spin-off of Grey's Anatomy. Not enough people were into it and it actually lasted longer than it should have. But it got a fitting ending, I think, although I never saw it. It remains in syndication).


666 Park Avenue (A devilish drama starring Terry O'Quinn was called by many to be dumb. I never saw it, so I hope that they were right. Hurricane Sandy didn't help this show's chances since the set was destroyed during the storm. That helped bring in the end).


The Mob Doctor (Seriously, I think that if you read the title of that show again, you can understand why it was so lame and got cancelled).


Fringe (This was FOX's lowest rated show for many seasons and yet it kept getting renewed for reasons that I'll never understand. If you know why, feel free to comment on this blog so I can understand. With ratings that low all the time, the end of this show was inevitable).


Rules of Engagement (I thought that it was cancelled last season, but it wasn't. Chances are that even though it is cancelled, it still might return in the future somehow like it normally does. Or maybe it won't since CBS is airing it as the series finale, something uncommon for most cancelled shows. You can read my previous review of what I thought of this show. It always seemed to fill the gaps the CBS's schedule anyways. The average person could tell that CBS hated this show and only kept it around because they had no good reason to get rid of it. They even considered airing new episodes on Saturday. I guess the role of filling voids in the schedule will go to some other new comedy of some sort. Since the show was always filler anyways, it's hard to say it really deserves to go on, and thus gets cancelled. But at least it's in syndication for the few people that like it).


Bachelor Pad (The only thing lamer than the actual Bachelor or Bachelorette is a bunch of contestants from that show doing meaningless crap. It's easy to see why it finally got the cut).


America's Most Wanted (A show that was about real criminals must have been too gruesome for viewers. Since the show was never really advertised and mostly aired on Saturdays before it left network television that might explain why nobody was interested anymore).


The Anderson Cooper Show (Some talk shows have interesting formats with interesting guests. Others have nothing of interest most of the time. This was the second one and like many lame talk shows, it was boring. Unlike most lame talk shows, it actually managed to get cancelled).


Deception (I don't know what this show was about and nobody really cared).


The LA Complex (I could never sit through a whole episode of this show, it was that bad. Some might have liked it, but with the lowest rated series premiere in American television history, one can be surprised it lasted as long as it did. I don't know if the record was beaten by Do No Harm or not).


Rock Center with Brian Williams (A news show on NBC was mostly lame from the start. The host still has jobs elsewhere on the network, but he has one less way of appearing).


Whitney (Some random person online said that the whole cast of this show should be killed off. They got their wish. I never saw it so I don't know how bad everyone thinks it was).


Judge Joe Brown (I don't know how this show is different than all the other judge shows. Maybe it is and maybe it isn't. If you are a fan, feel free to make your case in the comments section. All I know is that some contract dispute prevented him from making future seasons. Like I said before, it shouldn't be a problem since there are still a score of other courtroom shows still on the air).


The Ricki Lake Show (This was another lame talk show that seemed even dumber than most. That's all I have to say about that).


Red Widow (apparently a woman's husband died and she owes a debt to the mob that he had. If that sounded lame to you, that probably explains why it was cancelled).


Cancellation Reasons: bad ratings (Made in Jersey, Do No Harm, The Jeff Probst Show, 30 Rock, Last Resort, Partners, Emily Owens MD, The Anderson Cooper Show, Bachelor Pad, Animal Practice, Deception, Go On, The Ricki Lake Show, Guys with Kids, Smash, Whitney, The Mob Doctor, CSI: New York, Golden Boy, Rules of Engagement, Vegas, Futurama, 666 Park Avenue, Body of Proof, Trust Us With Your Life, Family Tools, Happy Endings, Rock Center, Malibu Country, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Private Practice, Touch, Ben and Kate, Fringe, The Job, The LA Complex, Cult, Gossip Girl, and 90210), bad reviews (Animal Practice, Guys with Kids, Partners Rules of Engagement, Vegas, Family Tools, How to Live With Your Parents, Last Resort, Malibu Country, Cult), ruined by advertisements (Animal Practice, Do No Harm, The Ricki Lake Show, Guys with Kids, The New Normal, Whitney, The Office, Made in Jersey, Partners, Rules of Engagement, 666 Park Avenue, Family Tools, How to Live With Your Parents, Ben and Kate, The Anderson Cooper Show, Bachelor Pad, Gossip Girl, The Job, 90210), never advertised (1600 Penn, Go On, The LA Complex, Smash, Up All Night, Golden Boy, Rules of Engagement, Vegas, Trust Us With Your Life, Family Tools, Happy Endings, Malibu Country, Red Widow, The Job, Zero Hour, The Anderson Cooper Show, Fringe, Bachelor Pad, Cult, America's Most Wanted), bad title (Deception, Do No Harm, Go On, The Mob Doctor, Guys with Kids, The New Normal, Smash, Golden Boy Made in Jersey, Partners, 666 Pak Avenue, Trust Us With Your Life, Family Tools, How to Live With Your Parents, Last Resort, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Touch, Fringe, Bachelor Pad, cult, Gossip Girl, The Job), barely existed (Deception, Do No Harm, Golden Boy, The Mob Doctor, Made in Jersey, Partners, Trust Us With Your Life, Family Tools, Happy Endings, Rock Center, How to Live With Your Parents, The LA Complex, Last Resort, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Ben and Kate, Bachelor Pad, The Job), bad timeslot (Go On, The New Normal, Smash, Whitney, 1600 Penn, CSI: New York, Made in Jersey, Vegas, Trust Us With Your Life, Happy Endings, Rock Center, Malibu Country, Zero Hour, Touch, Fringe, Bachelor Pad, Cult, 90210), hated by network (Smash, Up All Night, Trust Us With Your Life, Happy Endings, Rock Center, Touch, Ben and Kate, Fringe, Bachelor Pad, Cult, The Job), crappy show (The Ricki Lake Show, Guys with Kids, The New Normal, The Office, Golden Boy, Partners, Rules of Engagment, Vegas, Rock Center, How to Live with Your Parents, Last Resort, The Anderson Cooper Show, The LA Complex, Ben and Kate, The Mob Doctor, Fringe, Bachelor Pad, Cult, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Job), retooled (Smash, Up All Night, The Office, Body of Proof, The Anderson Cooper Show, Private Practice, Touch), uninteresting (Judge Joe Brown Animal Practice, The Ricki Lake Show, Guys with Kids, The New Normal, Whitney, The Office, Golden Boy, Made in Jersey, Partners, Rules of Engagement, Vegas, 666 Park Avenue, The LA Complex, Family Tools, Rock Center, How to Live with Your Parents, Last Resort, Malibu Country, Red Widow, Zero Hour, The Anderson Cooper Show, Ben and Kate, Fringe, Bachelor Pad, Cult, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Job, The Mob Doctor), reality (Judge Joe Brown, The Ricki Lake Show, The Jeff Probst Show, Trust Us with Your Life, Rock Center, The Anderson Cooper Show, Bachelor Pad, America's Most Wanted, The Job), summer (Trust Us With Your Life), Fridays (Made in Jersey, Rock Center, The LA Complex, Happy Endings, Touch, Fringe, Cult, The Job), midseason replacement (1600 Penn, Deception, Do No Harm, Smash, Whitney, Golden Boy, Rules of Engagement, Body of Proof, Family Tools, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Touch, Bachelor Pad, The LA Complex, Cult, The Job, How to Live with Your Parents), dead on arrival (Do No Harm, Smash, Trust us with Your Life, Family Tools, How to Live with Your Parents, Last Resort, The LA Complex, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Cult, The Job), bad lead-in (1600 Penn, Happy Endings, Rock Center, Zero Hour, Fringe, Touch, The Job), competition (Go On, The New Normal, Vegas, 666 Park Avenue, Body of Proof, Family Tools, Last Resort, Zero Hour, Private Practice, Emily Owens MD, 90210, The Job, The Mob Doctor), low network budget (Smash, Body of Proof, Last Resort, The LA Complex, Private Practice), left on its own term or wasn't cancelled (Judge Joe Brown, The Office, 30 Rock, Private Practice, Gossip Girl, 90210)


List of all cancelled shows: 1600 Penn, Judge Joe Brown, Animal Practice, Deception, Do No Harm, Go On, The Ricki Lake Show, Guys with Kids, The New Normal, Smash, The Jeff Probst Show, Up All Night, Whitney, The Office, 30 Rock, CSI: New York, Golden Boy, Made in Jersey, Partners, Rules of Engagement, Vegas, Futurama, 666 Park Avenue, Body of Proof, Trust Us With Your Life, Family Tools, Happy Endings, Rock Center with Brian Williams, How To Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life), Last Resort, Malibu Country, Red Widow, Zero Hour, Private Practice, The Anderson Cooper Show, Touch, Ben and Kate, Fringe, Bachelor Pad, Cult, Emily Owens M.D., Gossip Girl, 90210, America's Most Wanted, The Job, The Mob Doctor, The LA Complex. Sorry if I forgot any.


Shows in Limbo


Limbo is a horrible place for a show to be in. It is hard to tell what the fate of a show here is. Is it cancelled? Will it air? What happened? When I say that a show is in limbo, it means that it isn't airing, it isn't cancelled, and we have no clue as to what actually happened with it.


Friend Me on CBS: This was supposed to be a comedy airing on the network at some point. As of the last week of May, there have been no signs that it will air at all. While it is unusual for a show to be cancelled before it airs the first time, it has happened before to a lot of shows. Wikipedia even has a list of them, if you're interested. Why hasn't it aired? The creator of the show committed suicide, and thus it would be hard to sell something like this as a sitcom. It's not on the schedule for next season and if it doesn't air this summer, it looks like it won't air at all. Proof of the network's refusal to air it could be seen earlier this year when Partners, a crappy show, lasted longer than it should have and was followed by a bunch of random reruns in the spot that it should have aired. I wouldn't be surprised if we never saw it. I just wonder why a blank spot of half an hour is better than this. Unless the name has been changed to Friends with Better Lives, we have no idea what happened to it


The Cleveland Show on FOX: The show is no longer producing any new episodes. It has not been cancelled nor has it been renewed. It is probably in the same situation Family Guy was when it was cancelled the first time. Another whole season could be made before it is cancelled officially. Maybe they'll still be new episodes in the future, but once again, we have no idea for sure. It probably is cancelled, but I don't know for sure.


Golden Huckleberry Awards (for the worst TV shows)




Worst cliffhanger resolution (no nominees)

Worst ending to a TV series (no nominees)

Worst acting (2 Broke Girls, Ben and Kate, Mike and Molly)

Worst writing (The Office, Partners, Criminal Minds)

Worst plot (The Office, 2 Broke Girls, Glee)

The good riddance award (The Office, The Job, Partners)

Why do people care award (American Dad, The Office, Arrested Development, The Cleveland Show, America's Funniest Home Videos, The Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds)

Worst idea for a show (Oh Sit, The Job, Criminal Minds)

Biggest waste of time (The Vampire Diaries, American Idol, American Dad, Glee)

Most forgettable (Ben and Kate, Partners, Last Resort)

Bonehead decision of the season (The Job, Do No Harm, The LA Complex)

Worst pilot (Last Resort)

Worst drama show (The LA Complex, Criminal Minds, The Mob Doctor)

Worst comedy show (The Office, 2 Broke Girls, Partners Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23)

Worst new show (Animal Practice, The New Normal, Guys with Kids, Partners, Vegas, The Mob Doctor)

Why is it still on award (Glee, 2 Broke Girls, America's Funniest Home Videos)

Most overrated show (American Idol, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, 2 Broke Girls, Glee)

Weakest Characters (2 Broke Girls, Last Resort, The Office)

Worst Reason to Cancel a Good Show (Vegas)

Why was it created award (The Job, Ben and Kate, Partners, Last Resort)

What were they thinking award (The Job)

Why do people like it award (The Office, The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, 2 Broke Girls Wipeout, America's Funniest Home Videos, American Idol, Criminal Minds)

Jumped the shark award (The Simpsons)

What's it about award (Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, Ben and Kate, Last Resort, The Job, Partners)

Worst show on FOX (Ben and Kate, The Cleveland Show, Glee, American Idol, American Dad)

Worst show on ABC (Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23, America's Funniest Home Videos, The Bachelor)

Worst show on CBS (Vegas, Partners, 2 Broke Girls, Rules of Engagement, The Job)

Worst show on NBC (The New Normal, Guys with Kids, The Office)

Worst show on the CW (The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, The LA Complex, Oh Sit)

Worst show on every other network (Jerry Shore, The Real Housewives, Keeping up with the Kardashians)

Worst syndicated show (The Jerry Springer Show, The Ricki Lake Show, Maury, The Bill Cunningham Show)

Worst show on television (nominees to come)


Sliver Globes Award 2012 Winners and Best Show on Television Nominees


Best new show (Touch), Best one season show (Emily Owens MD), Best cancelled or ending show (Missing), Most screwed show (Breaking In), Best theme song (NCIS), Best idea for a show (Primetime: What Would You Do?), Best series premiere (Missing), Best series finale (Rob), Best cliffhanger ending (NCIS), Best cliffhanger resolution (NCIS), Best cast (The Big Bang Theory), Best writers (Touch), Best editing (Survivor), Most interesting show (Primetime: What Would You Do?), Best music in a show (Family Guy), Time well spent award (Primetime: What Would You Do?), Most memorable (Touch), Most underrated TV show (Touch), Best retooling of a show (no nominees), Why was it a midseason replacement award (Touch), Best comedy-drama (Emily Owens MD), Groundbreaking show (Touch), Best show on CBS (The Big Bang Theory), Best show on ABC (Primetime: What Would You Do?), Best show on the CW (Emily Owens MD), Best show on NBC (Parenthood), Best show on FOX (Touch), Best PBS special (no nominees), Best show on any other network (Futurama), Best syndicated show (The Jeff Probst Show)


Best show on television (The Big Bang Theory, Primetime: What Would You Do?, Emily Owens MD, Parenthood, Touch, Futurama, The Jeff Probst Show)

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