Monday, August 20, 2012


Here is information relating to PBS and shows found on it.

PBS offers a great variety of shows that are on at different times throughout the season. Some of it remains constant from time to time and others change. It offers a different feel than the other networks and you'll feel much better watching it then somebody getting murdered, reality shows, or what people think is funny. I will now tell you what is available.


McLaughlin Group: Description- A panel of people discuss current political affairs. It is filmed in Washington DC. There is the main person and two people for each political side. Pros- There is political discussion from both sides. The bickering can be quite funny. Cons- It is not for people who don't like to discuss politics. They are actually biased towards the right which although hard to notice, once I did I stopped watching the show. Recommendation- Watch it if you like it. I think that it is pretty interesting. Prediction- This show will never leave the air. Grade: B.


Nova: Description- This is an educational show about science. There are different versions like Nova Science Now and others. Pros- You can learn a lot from this show. Cons- It isn't for everyone because you could find it boring. Recommendation- Watch it if you like it which you might. Prediction- It will stay forever like it has to this point. Grade: A-.


Nature: Description- Basically, a show about nature, mostly animal life. You might find similar things on the Discovery Channel. Pros- It is very interesting to some people and might be to you. Cons- Some of what is shown is a bit gruesome. Recommendation- I like it and think that you should watch it if you have the time. Prediction- It will last forever. Grade: A.


Antiques Road Show: Description- It is a show about old objects and how much they are worth. Pros- You can learn a lot if you have something that you'd like to sell. Cons- It can be very boring at times. If you aren't interested, you won't like it. Recommendation- Take it or leave it. Prediction- Like everything on PBS, the moment it is cancelled is the moment that the world ends. Grade: B-.


American Experience: Description- This is a show about history that has happened in America. Pros- It is very interesting to those who are interested in American History. Cons- It is not interesting for those who don't. Recommendation- If you like it, then watch it if you can find it. Prediction- It will last forever. Grade: A.


Washington Week: Noteworthiness- It is a half-hour long show that is the longest running of its type on PBS. Description- This is an informative show on current political affairs and other news. Notable People- Gwen Eiffel hosts the show and the team is recognizable as well. Pros- The people talk about politics in a civilized way, without any bickering. You can learn a lot. Also, you here from both sides. Cons- Other good shows tend to be on at the same time. It can be hard to stay into week to week. Not interesting to those who hate politics. Recommendation- Watch this show if you can and you like it. Prediction- It will stay the longest running show on PBS of its type. Grade: A.

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