Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Might Be Cancelled

Although none of the new shows have aired yet, I am going to guess at what shows, new and old, will be cancelled in the next season. In case you are wondering, it will be a big overestimation and I'm not saying that I want any of them to be cancelled. I could be wrong about all of them. I will also list the reason why I think it might get cancelled.

NBC: The Playboy Club- viewers will be turned off. Grimm- critics hate it and that always kills a show. Smash- people will think it a rip-off of Glee and not tune in. (While we are on this subject, how often does NBC come up with a different verision of a show from another network?) Awake- viewers will find it too confusing. Harry's Law- changing half the cast won't go over well. The Office- change in main character not accepted. Chuck is ending.

FOX: The New Girl- live action sitcom on FOX. You do that math. I Hate My Teenage Daughter- same exact reason and title of the show. Allen Gregory- Nobody will care about this random show. Terra Nova- simply too great for television. Alcatraz- sci-fi on FOX doesn't turn out so well. Napoleon Dynamite- nobody will care. House- could be some issues I've heard about but life could continue on NBC. The X Factor- too much of the same. Bones- just jumped the shark. Fringe- FOX hates the Friday 8:00 time slot.

ABC: Man Up- sexist. Revenge- not enough viewers. ABC hates that time slot. Pan Am- nobody will watch. America's Funniest Home Videos- why is this still on? Desperate Housewives is ending.

CBS: A Gifted Man- Friday night time slot. The 2.2- midseason replacement on CBS. You do the math. The Good Wife- fans fail to catch on. CSI: Miami- CBS hates this time slot. Expect another of the four major networks to pick it up immediately. Two and a Half Men- cast change. Mike and Molly- fans won't stay. NCIS: Los Angeles- not enough people like it compared to NCIS. If cancelled NBC would pick it up in a heartbeat. CSI- different main character, again. I still think that ABC, NBC, or FOX would still find faith in it. CSI: New York- Friday night time slot. As with the others, they'll be some competition for it if it is in fact cancelled. Rules of Engagment- Saturday? Really?

CW: Gossip Girl- its time will come. H8R- reality show on the CW. You do the math. Nikita- Friday night time slot. Supernatural- same problem. One Tree Hill is ending unless the series finale gets high ratings pushing the network to renew it for another season. (Sounds stupid, I know, but it has actually happened.)

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